If my life were a storybook...

If my life were a storybook, and I the author, I would probably write things quite differently from the way that events tend to play out in reality. I would construct a fairytale-esque saga that placed me in the middle of an epic adventure; a life filled with excitement and novelty. For every now and then, I look at my life and all I can see is the difficult or the mundane - circumstances that don't even come close to the events in your favourite adventure or romance novel.

But then, while I'm lying in bed dreaming up a storybook-worthy future, God gently chides me, and reminds me that my life is a storybook - one written by Him. And He starts bringing to mind all the unique events and unexpected twists that it has taken over the years.

He's really been teaching me patience this last wee while. For my natural tendency is to look to the things ahead, wish time would go faster, look forward to the next stage. Even in books I am impatient to get to the next chapter. For I think, with books as in life, that something better will happen then. The next part will be more exciting. I'll definitely be happier when _____ happens. And so God has to grab me by the hand as I'm trying to speed on my way... and He makes me stop and admire the scenery where I am right now. For, as I realise when I finally slow to match His pace, I will never be at this part of my journey again. I'll soon be past this bend in the road. And it's my last chance to admire the view from this spot. Sure, it may be even more breathtaking later on; but as He is teaching me, it will not come any quicker with me wishing for it - and I will miss some gorgeous landscapes along the way.

Had I written my story, I'm sure I wouldn't have even dreamt of including some of the twists that have made it my very own. The city of Edinburgh. Friends I couldn't have thought up had I tried. Even an impromptu weekend in Newcastle. And it is when you put all these little things together that the chapters emerge, and He personalises them just for me in that way no one else can.

So, He says, be patient. Wait for Me to write the next part of your story, and enjoy the scenery that I've presented you with right now. Because I can write a much grander tale than you could even dream of; I'm the one who knows exactly where this plot line is going to give you a few unexpected surprises. Just trust Me with the pen - and I promise it will be a storybook like no other.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord." {Psalm 27:14}


The most beautiful thing I have seen in this day. - and trust me, today was a pretty hard day to compete with!
grace said…
Julia....You're beautiful. Thank you for writing these lovely, true, and deep words. LOVE YOU. : )
Moriah said…
Oh gosh. You just had to go and write about being "patient" and "waiting on the Lord".

I should sue. ;)

Amazing post m'dear... definitely stuff I needed to hear!

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