Of Houmous and Cream Crackers

So, I realise that I haven't blogged for a long time. And I realise that, for the five people who do read my blog (one of whom would be my sister), the lack of any update whatsoever regarding my university life is probably somewhat frustrating.

I offer my most sincere apologies.

I was sitting at my computer today, eating cream crackers with houmous (one of my most favourite snacks of all time) in a rather messy way, and thought suddenly that I should rectify the situation. You see, I have this mental block that tells me unless I have interesting photos to post, I shouldn't post anything at all. Because I'm a very visual person, and I immediately project myself onto everyone else, assuming that if there aren't any interesting pictures they'll get bored. So, in an attempt to overcome my weaknesses, I'm going to post with no photos.

Two months ago this coming Thursday, I was riding in my parents' van as they carted me and my entire life's worth of stuff off to the city of Edinburgh. (Two suitcases, six boxes and a medley of other belongings to be precise.) We successfully navigated the Edinburgh traffic (which, as any native will tell you, is perpetually horrendous) and arrived at the student accommodation which would become my abode for the next year.

Scary? You better believe it.

That day, and the rest of that week, flew by in a bluster of activity - namely getting to know the four girls with whom I was now sharing a flat, trying to find my way around the university (and getting lost in the process), and enjoying that immense yet odd freedom that comes with no parental supervision. I never did cry when my parents left, most likely due to the fact that they live a whole thirty minutes away. And more than that, I found myself in a wonderful church community that eagerly stepped up and became my family away from home.

Two months later, I've settled into the routine of classes (some of which are great, most of which are less than so), know my way around Edinburgh relatively well (as far as my tendency of getting lost will let me, at least), and have gotten to grips with the ideas of shopping and cooking for myself. I have a new home, new job and new friends… and love every moment. Do I ever find myself missing my darling town of Bathgate, wishing for my parents and sisters, and reminiscing about how easy things were when all my wants and desires were provided for by others? Of course. But I have fallen head over heels in love with this city of Edinburgh, and I have the most wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ that I could ever ask for. I can truly understand why so many say that their time at university was one of the best in their lives.

And there's your update for the year. Just kidding… I will try my utmost best to post more regularly, ideally including photos. But even if I don't, rest assured that I am here, I am alive, and I am loving life. Besides, you're used to it… right?


Anonymous said…
Dude... Im glad you updated... But it was rather boring... *sigh* :P
Moriah said…
If you think it's boring then here's a little tip: DON'T READ IT. This is about her life, not entertaining yours.

A lovely post Julia. Has it only been two months? It feels like you've been gone forever! :)
Anonymous said…
LOL, Moriah, The above would be me Charlotte LOL, I was kidding you silly goose :P
I usually go as anonymous just because I can't be bothered signing in haha.
Julia said…
Hehe! Some of the funniest comments I've ever gotten on a post, these...

Charlotte, I told Moriah it was you, and she asked me to apologise for her... she was just standing up for her sister's reputation in the blogging world! :P

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