Lettuce Meatballs


Sounds odd, I know. But I made these for dinner last night (okay, so there's enough for a few dinners) and they were SO GOOD. Like, they could rival the spicy meatballs at Frankie & Benny's... and I say that as humbly as possible.


Basically, the meatballs contain lots of onion and chopped lettuce bits (mainly the hard rib bits of the lettuce that no one wants to eat anyways), so they're much healthier and lighter than regular meatballs. Fresh out of the pan they also have a nice crunch to them, which, countered with the soft juiciness of the beef (sorry vegetarians!), makes for an ultimately divine experience.


The recipe can be found here, and it includes a tomato sauce to go with the meatballs. Although I made the sauce as well, I forgot the photographic evidence, so enthralled was I with my meatball success. I wasn't completely happy with the sauce anyways, so that's my excuse for making this dish again.


The meatballs (with sauce) go very well with pasta, and are also supremely delicious with Japanese rice. (My lunch today, in fact.) You could also make a meatball sandwich - Subway style - or just serve them by themselves as a side dish. The possibilities are endless. They're so tasty, no one will actually care how they're served; so you may as well just give 'em up straight. If you can refrain from eating them all between the stove and the table, that is.



Moriah said…
Yum... those do look good! But, admit it, you were only trying not to waste the precious lettuce because you're a poor uni student. :P
Julia said…
Guilty as charged! Actually, it was more like I found the recipe, and was ecstatic that I had found a way to use that bit of the lettuce. The rest is going in my fried rice tomorrow... ;)

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