Japanese-style Potato Salad

Technically this post should have been done several weeks ago... yes, I'm catching up.

After a long hiatus from cooking, I decided to make potato salad for myself for lunch. I found the recipe here, on the website of a Japanese woman who posts many delicious and easy to understand recipes (in English!).

The concoction of yummy goodness before the addition of mayo:

I think I overcooked the carrot slightly, as it was pretty soft; but boy, it was nice and sweet. Slightly hard to peel though. Also, I think I went a bit overboard on the salt content. But, other those two little glitches - and accidentally burning my elbow on the crock pot my mother had out cooking our dinner - it was a pretty straightforward recipe. And it tasted delish.

It also makes a very good sandwich:

I'll definitely be adding this to my collection of regular recipes.


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