Letters to Juliet

Letters to Juliet is a comedic romance (although it technically falls under the genre termed "romantic comedy") in which a young woman named Sophie replies to a letter that a woman wrote to Juliet, and gets involved in a search for the woman's childhood love. The woman's grandson, Charlie, is the reluctant chauffeur of the search effort, and thinks that Sophie is just trying to help his grandmother so that she can use the story to launch her career as a journalist. The movie follows their journey across Italy, and also the adventure of truly getting to know one another.

I went to see this with my mother, my aunt, and two of my sisters. If any movie ever pressed all the right buttons for female cinema satisfaction, this was it. We laughed, we cried, we held our breaths in anticipation and crossed our fingers for him to say the right words, for her to do the right thing, or for the grandmother to find her lost love. Running throughout the movie was the humourous relationship between Sophie and Charlie - an enthusiastic, dreaming American girl, and an arrogant, cynical English boy. Although some elements of the plot were predictable, it included many surprising twists and turns as well. The scenery was to die for, the acting was laudable, the ending was just about perfect, and you walked away full of so many happy endorphins whizzing through your bloodstream that you couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the night. Men, it may not be your ideal night out, but do it to please your girlfriend/wife. Ladies, if you haven't done so already - drop all and go see it one night, either with that special someone or as a date with the girls (which could be infinitely more fun - sorry guys!). It's definitely a movie you will watch again and again.


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