Willow Tree

So, looking back over my most recent posts...

Ten posts in the last ten months is pretty crap if you ask me. Even after my New Year's resolve to post at least once a week. Ha, that worked.

Yesterday I received a package from my grandparents with one of the Willow Tree figurines enclosed, by way of congratulations for my university entry. (For those not in the know, I was accepted into the University of Edinburgh a couple weeks ago, due to start in September.) My grandmother likes each of us to have something that we collect, and all these years I've never been able to decide on mine... she recently suggested the Willow Tree line, I looked it up, fell in love with it, and so this has started off my collection. The figurine is the "Love of Learning" one - touchingly appropriate. :)

The picture of the week is one I took with my new lens, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D:

Rather pleased with the quality if I do say so myself, though the detail in the glass didn't come out as clear as I would've liked. Haven't had much chance to properly use it yet, so hopefully will do that at some point soon.

Other than that, almost every item on my to-do list for today has been crossed off (a rare occurrence), saving all the homework I have to do at the weekend. That'll get done after a lovely day at work tomorrow making sandwiches. So, on a note of being quite pleased with myself for once, I close.


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