The Elements

  Wow, it's been a while. I'm declining as regards the regularity of my posts...

  Friday, the family took a trip out to Livingston to see the new part of the shopping centre that's been built there. An extension of the already existing Almondvale Centre, The Elements Avenue and The Elements Square was built on a much grander scale than most shopping malls in Scotland. You step inside, and are greeted by an escalator and a ceiling which stretches high above you. It's not quite the US - but it's getting there. (Plop a fountain in the middle and you just might feel at home.)

  We also went to a restaurant for lunch, in an area called the Elements Avenue just outside the main building. The restaurant reminded me of Chili's. It was called Chiquito's, and was pretty neat inside.

  But baka me once again forgot to take photos of the actual food. I really need to work on this food photography thing. Reviewing the food: it was pretty good. Like, not amazing - and definitely not as good as Chili's. The main course that I got, a Santa Fe wrap, wasn't all that great. Kind of bland actually. But the starter - buffalo wings with Peri Peri sauce - was amazing. Spicy, but amazing. (I must have an inordinately great tolerance for spicy food - Moriah tried mine and almost died from the flames. *confused shrug*)

  Review of The Elements in itself: it's pretty cool. It has H&M and Waterstone's, along with a two-floor Debanhams (sp?), and a Next opening next year. Something called the "winter garden" is also supposed to be opening sometime soon - it is supposedly an indoor garden to relax in, complete with fig and olive trees. (Wow, a piece of the Mediterranean right here in Scotland.) There was also a Japanese themed noodle bar (!!) named "wagamama". (I looked it up - means "naughty, willful, self-indulgent" in Japanese...) Looks pretty good, but the food's expensive. (£9 for a bowl of ramen! That being 4 TIMES what you would pay for one in Japan!!) However, if I ever do get around to going there one day, I'll be sure to review it... and get pictures of the food.
   So yes - The Elements was a pretty cool addition to the shopping center. Do make a trip out there if you haven't already.


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