HP and Linux

  Today, as I was working on command line stuff, I came across a few sites encouraging all programmers to use Linux if they wanted to be able to actually do anything. I found a Linux-based OS, Ubuntu, which is offered for free download and installation. However, not knowing how this would work on my Mac OS, I began researching the best PC company to see if there was one I could buy, OS free, and then install Ubuntu.
  My search led me to HP, apparently the largest PC-producer in the world. And there on the front page was Fujimaru's laptop from Bloody Monday. XD
  All in all, they looked like good laptops - I didn't have time to check the specifications, but they look relatively decent. The only thing is, I really like Apple computers. Therefore, I think I may just go ahead and try to install Ubuntu on my Mac. Let's hope nothing drastically bad happens...


Hope said…
You crack me up, girl. But you know that I love you. :)

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